“…utilizing everything from human and animal anatomy to Jim Phillips-style skateboarding graphics from the '80s, Jackson takes a step away from conventional ceramics and sculpture and adorns her creations with extravagant jewelry, fur and moving elements. Cleverly using the textural quality of the medium, exciting textures and surfaces convert the melting nightmares into humorous caricatures of the absurd.

Excerpt from the Juxtapoz article by Sasha Bogojev, “Roxanne Jackson and Oli Epp’s ‘Karma’ @ Duve Berlin” (October 1, 2019)

“Roxanne Jackson’s work…enters the territory of animal personification and the monstrous. Her creature palms and skulls are between beings and life forms and with titles like Microdosing, Black Magic, and Delft Punk they are an invitation to the shadow. Her work calls to mind the personification often given to the DMT-containing plants ayahuasca or various mythological creatures of destruction/resurrection that are necessary, but slightly terrifying.”

Excerpt from the catalog essay by Sarah Walko, for the exhibition “Shadow of the Gradient” at Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY (June - July 2019)

“…Roxanne Jackson’s splayed Chinese ceramic head Third Eye Fuck, Devil’s Card, stands out amongst all of this work, revealing a glowing pearlescent vagina.”

Excerpt from the Observer article by Paddy Johnson, “Spring/Break 2019 Looks More Like a Typical Fair, But the Best Booths Show Its Offbeat Heart,” (March 7, 2019)

Photo taken at Plop Residency and Oli Epp’s studio, London, UK (August 2019)

Photo taken at Plop Residency and Oli Epp’s studio, London, UK (August 2019)