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"In [Jackson's] ceramic Alienware series, the artist flays open the heads of beasts to reveal the undulating ridges of their hard palates flanked by gilded fangs. Anatomy is intentionally garbled: brain matter spills out like disemboweled intestine; a nose resembling a sacrum turns an oral cavity into a pelvic bowl; canine ears echo the wings of a sphenoid bone inside an extraterrestrial skull...her surfaces reinforce the duality of her figures: lethal horns are finished with pearlescent glaze and pierced through with gold Claire's Boutique hoops; fascia is patterned like sitting-room wallpaper. The soft becomes hard, the visceral becomes ornamental, beauty and ferocity commingle."

Jennifer Rabin. Art Critic. Excerpt from the essay for the exhibition Mother at the Art Gym in Oregon (2017)